Decorative set “Rodnoe Dyatkovo
(My own Dyatkovo) (Native Dyatkovo)”
Made at the Dyatkovo Crystal Factory, 1947
This transparent composition is a glassblower's anthem. The anthem of a rare,
profession embodied in three elongated glass forms and one sphere. The masters
used the free-blowing technique to make all of the four constituents, and all
of them are quite large: the tallest one is 75 centimetres high.
Dyatkovo Crystal Factory artist Mikhail Kizlov dedicated this unique
“blown” artwork to his beautiful and difficult craft. The stelas
show the glassblowers at work: depictions of blowing glass through
special pipes, a traditional tool for these masters. The sphere carries
the images of the Bryansk region scenery: the local environs.
The word Dyatkovo comes from the Russian word “dyadya,” which
means “uncle” – this is the most popular version of the origin
of the town's name. Due to the Crystal Factory, Dyatkovo became
the largest town in the Bryansk region in 19th century and later
the centre of the “huge” empire of Maltsev Glass Manufacturers.
Maria Maltseva built the Crystal Factory in the 18th century. Her
descendants were successful in development of the industry, until
nationalisation in 1918.Before the Great Patriotic War (so called
in Russia part of WWII fought on its territory) the Dyatkovo region
produced nearly 10% of the window glass requirements of the whole
Soviet Union. The years of German occupation led to the destruction of
the factory, but after the war, the factory was rebuilt. But the factory had
a hard time getting through the post-Soviet turmoil: it faced crisis, went
bankrupt and was repeatedly sold. The factory's future is still unclear.
Dyatkovo old hram, circa 1900.
(currently non-existent).
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“The glassblower’s job has always been a challenging one, which requires a highly developed artistic nature
and outstanding health. The glassblowing process is dependent on strong lung pressure, so at the factory a
glassblower can blow up to 250 Christmas decorations per shift. It is also necessary for the master to have
good coordination and eyesight. But even if the glassblower is as healthy as a cosmonaut, his work would
eventually pays its dividends: glassblowers qualify for early retirement, because during the production
process they inhale poisonous arsenic vapours.”

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