Tablet “Gagarin,” Box “Vladimir Mayakovsky,” Casket "Joseph Stalin,”
Table Top Panel “October 1917,”Casket “Fidel Castro”
Made in Fedoskino, 1950–1970
Extremely popular Soviet-era faces, known to everyone –
unique expression of Fedoskino miniature artists!
The artists from Fedoskino – one of the most popular lacquer art centres –
created a unique chronology of the establishment of the Soviet state as per
faces. They embedded popular historic personages of the era in lacquer
portraits. Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Mayakovsky, Gagarin – these names are popular
not only among the Russians, but across the world! These are the legendary
heroes of their times, without whom those times are hard to remember.
The lacquer masterpieces are made in the best traditions of lacquer miniature, which came into
being in the Moscow region settlement of Fedoskino in the beginning of the 19th century.
Casket “Josef Stalin”
M. G. Pashinin, 1950
Tablet “Gagarin”
N. M. Rabashko, 1972
The Fedoskino artists, unlike their counterparts from Palekh, Mstyora and
Kholuy, were never engaged in icon making and did not use yolk tempera.
They started out in the scenic lacquer miniature genre, along with portrait.
The Fedoskino items are painted with oil paint using the three-ply painting
technique. Before painting, a layer of gold leaf, brass leaf or mother of pearl
isapplied to the item, which then shines through the semi-transparent
paint coats. This technique enables the creation of an unparalleled
effect of luminescence. The image acquires astounding depth and volume.
By the way, Leonardo Da Vinci followed the similar technique.
The works by Fedoskino artists are highly acclaimed throughout the world –
you can find these pieces of art in private collections and museums internationally.
Casket “Fidel Castro”
A. A. Blokhin, 1962
Box “Vladimir Mayakovsky”, A. I. Kozlov, 1972
Table top panel “October 1917” (portrait of Lenin),
V. N. Frolov, 1960